PLT 2007
1st International Workshop on Pen-Based Learning Technologies
Enabling Advanced Graphical, Multimodal and Mobile Learning Interactions

Handheld technology and pen-based input devices (e.g.,Tablet PC, PDA, Origami-UMPC, digital pen and paper, graphic tablets, pen-mouse) provide novel opportunities to develop:

•  More natural interaction and collaboration
•  Multimodal, multi-party feedback and communication
•  Mobile learning.

Understanding the impact of these changes on teaching, studying, learning and communication requires conceptual, methodological, pedagogical and technical innovation.

This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners interested in any aspect of design, development, deployment and evaluation of Pen-based Learning Technologies (PBLTs) . The goal is to advance our understanding of how to design and make optimal use of PBLTs, and to elucidate the relationship between pen-based interfaces and pedagogy, learning tasks, and learning settings.

Events at PLT 2007 comprise :

• Two Keynote addresses
•  Six sessions of research papers and case studies.
•  The “hands-on” workshop “ Tablet PCs in Higher Education & Research ” .

PLT2007 is supported by the European Commission funded project “I-Trace” and by the University of Catania.

PLT 2007 is held in technical cooperation with the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technologies.

In technical cooperation with the: